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Michael Bennett wishes he could come back to the Buccaneers

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven't had a reliable edge rusher since Michael Bennett left town in 2013 for reasons still unknown. I'm sure the Bucs would love to have him back, correcting Mark Dominik's biggest mistake. And it seems those feelings are mutual: the newly-signed Tony McDaniel, formerly of the Seattle Seahawkstold JoeBucsFan todaythat Bennett wants to return to Tampa. Did Michael Bennett sell you on Gerald McCoy at all?

Tony McDaniel: No question. I told him about, you know, I told him about some of the teams that were offering me and he said Tampa was a great place, and he even said he wishes he could come back down here. But yeah, he kind of helped sell me to come down here to Tampa and play.

One small problem there: Bennett is under contract with the Seattle Seahawks, and they have no reason to let their best pass rusher walk. The defensive lineman wants a new contract, but he's not holding out and he has no real way of forcing the Seahawks to give him more money, either.

There are some other issues, too. Bennett's at his best when he's used both at defensive tackle and at defensive end, but there's really no room for him to ever get reps inside with the Bucs -- that room is full enough already. While Bennett would certainly look good at defensive end in a Bucs uniform, the money they'd have to pay him in addition to the value they'd have to give up in trade are unlikely to pay dividends.

So Bennett may want to come back, it's just not likely to happen.