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Watch Gerald McCoy get mad at losing in Madden 16 against Peter King

When Peter King and the rest of The MMQB crew visited Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp, the highlight wasn't actual football. It was Madden. Specifically, him playing Gerald McCoy -- and beating him. McCoy wasn't happy about it! You can see the resulting dramatized video above.

Highlight: Mike Evans saying King played like his three-year old daughter. Does that mean McCoy plays worse than Evans' three-year-old? Here's the kicker: this apparently wasn't McCoy's first time playing the game, even though King was new to it all.

Oh, and Evans may be a little salty about his rating. Just a little.

Funny thing: Players really care about their rating. Evans was fuming when he saw 20 receivers were rated higher than he was. "The ratings are crazy," Evans said. "All the years, all the money I've been wasting on Madden, the hard work I put in on the field, getting hit in the head, knees hurting, and I still can't get a 90 rating overall. Twenty other receivers are rated higher than me. It's crazy, man. It hurts, man. I am a little bitter."

Good fun.