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The Buccaneers should sign a veteran right guard

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It is August 4, 2015.  In the past couple of days at One Buc Place, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already employed its Turnstile Initiative. At the beginning of camp, 2013 seventh rounder Garrett Gilkey started at right guard. Two days later, 2014 fifth rounder Kadeem Edwards replaced Gilkey. Ali Marpet has since had a chance as well.

Competition is great. Competition without a viable option is not so great.  Although current offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter has weathered losing five starting offensive linemen last year in Atlanta, where he was once commanded the Falcon's offense, the Bucs' front office still have an option to secure a competent starting RG. Atlanta's woes occurred during the season and Tampa's woe is in the offseason. This will be the second year where Bucs are still seeking a starting right guard for its line.

Currently, Tampa has $20 million in cap space, according to Sportrac online. G Marpet's cap hit this season is about $0.7 million. G Edwards' cap hit this year is $0.5 million. C/G Gilkey's cap hit will be $0.5 million. About $1.7 million is invested at RG, but none a starter at the moment. Marpet is seen as the future at RG, but the current assessment is he is not ready to be a starter. The Bucs need a one year stop gap.

August 4, 2015

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August 1, 2015

Jets showing interest in former Eagles Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis

Obviously, money is the big issue. Mathis, cut by the Eagles in May because of a contract squabble, was due to make $5.5 million this season. He wanted more.

Money is what will sway G Mathis. The Bucs have $20 million in cap space. Provided the Bucs only offer a one year deal, the team can afford the expensive price of Mathis for one year simply to buy time for its young RG group to continue to develop. There is a need for a starting RG, especially with a rookie QB, and it is best to acquire now than later - because we noticed the debacle of a late acquisition with G Logan Mankins last year. There is a starting RG on the market. The only question is if the front office is willing to pull the trigger.

We do not have a starting quality RG at this moment. The Bucs need at least one year to develop G Marpet. There is plenty of money this year. Does the organization want to gamble at starting RG again? Why, when Mathis is a mercenary. Pay the starting RG the money for one year. Make him an offer he cannot refuse. Pay the piper.  Pay the piper so our rookie QB has time to dance in the backfield. And if our QB has time to dance in the backfield, then he can take us to the big ball. That is the end game after all.