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How the Buccaneers are treating Jameis Winston like Doug Williams

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven't been very successful with their drafted quarterbacks over the past, well, ever. Josh Freeman had one good season before somehow losing all of his ability to not turn over a football. Trent Dilfer was never any good. Chris Simms was always Chris Simms. Vinny Testaverde had talent, and also an obscene amount of interceptions.

There's one exception to that list, and that's Doug Williams, who didn't turn into a franchise quarterback only because the Bucs in their infinite penny-pinchiness refused to give him a fair contract when the USFL would. And the Bucs are now doing something with Jameis Winston they haven't done since they drafted Williams in the first round: they're starting him from day one, as Ira Kaufman points out.

That's not going to be why Winston succeeds or fails, but it's a neat coincidence nonetheless. It's also the right decision: no quarterback gets better at playing quarterback by sitting on the bench. As anyone who's played sports, a musical instrument or anything else that requires repetition to approach perfection: there's nothing like actually going out there and doing it, and as long as you don't, there are things you won't learn.