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Buccaneers could draft Isaiah Battle in the Supplemental Draft today

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Update: The Bucs did not pick Isaiah Battle. The St. Louis Rams took him in the fifth round.

The 2015 NFL supplemental draft is scheduled to happen today at 1:00 p.m. ET. Teams will get the opportunity to spend a 2016 draft picks on one of seven players who have been declared eligible for the supplemental draft: defensive tackle Dalvon Stuckey, defensive end Darrius Caldwell, linebacker Eric Eiland, tight end Sean McQuillan, cornerback Kevin Short, receiver Adrian Wilkins and offensive tackle Isaiah Battle.

Of these players, only Battle is likely to actually be drafted. The Clemson prospect said that he entered the draft for family reasons, but the Clemson Insider reported that he was caught with drugs and kicked off the team. He also delivered a nifty uppercut mid-game, which saw him suspended for one game. Battle is widely seen as a very good prospect, but getting kicked off his college team won't endear him to NFL teams.

The Bucs aren't that likely to care, though. They've repeatedly shown that they're willing to overlook off-field issues as long as players can play. Battle can play, though as is true for any prospect, it's not clear how well he'll do in the NFL. He has the athletic talent to excel, but has only started 15 games in college. Dan Kadar's scouting reportcertainly sounds promising, but Battle also seems to be very raw.

Battle gets by with his foot quickness and lateral agility. At this point, he comes across more as a big basketball player working at offensive tackle. He bulked up considerably heading into this season, a necessary step. On the field, the big knock on Battle is his playing strength. Bigger defenders were able to knock Battle around and push him backward into the quarterback. Battle also needs work on his technique. He's a high-cut player who lets defenders get under him too much. When Battle does bend, it's at the waist, further negating his strength. He's by no means a dumb player. Battle doesn't seem to miss on assignments and gives a good effort.

If the Bucs want to pick Battle, they'll need a bit of luck. The supplemental draft runs on a lottery system: teams are ordered into three tiers (six or fewer wins, seven or more wins, playoff teams) and then ordered by lottery within those teams, with the team with the worst record having the best chance of winning the lottery. That gives the Bucs a good shot to have the top pick in every supplemental round, but it's far from guaranteed.

Moreover, the supplemental draft is run like a silent auction: every team bids a draft pick for a player, and the team with the highest bid wins him. No picking in order, here. The team that 'wins' the silent auction gives up their corresponding 2016 draft pick.

The Bucs could certainly use more depth on the offensive line, but it seems unlikely that they'll actually draft Battle. Two weeks ago, Pewter Report noted that the Bucs don't want to give up a 2016 draft pick given the strength of that draft.