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The Buccaneers should Siege The Day with dead rats and burning pitch

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are really going with the "Siege The Day" slogan for their new campaign, despite receiving ridicule all-around and everywhere. Having rolled out videos and graphics, they're now plastering Raymond James Stadium with siege equipment.

The video way up above in this link which I had to add because for some reason the Bucs don't allow their videos to be embedded even when they're on Vimeo is pretty good. But, you know, the slogan is still pretty dumb. Then again, people tell me I'm a curmudgeon who needs to learn to be pleased with simple things so there's that, too.

One thing that would get me really hyped is if they actually did something that related to sieges. Organize a siege-themed fan day with arrow practice and mock cannon battles. Bring in a catapult to fling footballs at the stadium. Make opposing teams' fans stand in line for ages for food and drink, and then tell them there's none because their supply lines were cut. Periodically kill the headsets of visiting teams to simulate their communication being disrupted by a siege. Set fire to the opponent's bus. Poison the enemy's Gatorade buckets with dead rats. Use a trebuchet to hurl burning pitch at the opposing team's bench.

Okay, I might be going a little overboard, but you get the point. The Bucs could be doing some awesome things that aren't just "nonsensical slogan on stadium" and they're wasting a great opportunity.