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Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David named to yet another Top 100

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

We've had a whole lot of top 100s so far this year, but Grantland thought they weren't quite done with the concept. Bill Barnwell had to come up with his own list, and he ranked Lavonte David 31st and Gerald McCoy 28th. Barnwell's especially impressed by David.

He's quite possibly the most underrated player in football, since the biggest moment of his career was that very questionable personal-foul penalty that cost the Buccaneers a game against the Jets in Week 1 of 2013. David led all outside linebackers in solo run tackles (59) in 2013, then topped it by leading players at all positions in solo run tackles (61) last year. He was also sixth in tackles for loss (17), which is remarkable for a player who rarely rushes the quarterback. After Watt, David is the best run defender in football.

David's ability to actually make an impact on those statistics while being asked to basically never blitz is remarkable. And the fact that everyone seems to recognize him as great, except for the players and coaches who vote for the Pro Bowl is pretty ridiculous. What, me, hung up on that? How could you tell?

But with two players who appear on basically every single top 100 players list that's been made over the past two years, you'd expect the Buccaneers defense to be, well, good. Somehow, that hasn't been the case so far.

A small bit of irony: Aqib Talib (61) and Darrelle Revis (12) both made the list as well. Remember when the Buccaneers had those guys? Why were they never as good in Tampa Bay as they are now? Ugh.