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C.J. Wilson retires after losing fingers to fireworks

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Wilson has retired after losing two fingers to a fireworks accident during Fourth of July weekend. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback's camp had been optimistic about a return to the NFL and training camp, but it seems that that's not in the cards for now.

Wilson's agents, Joel and Justin Turner, released a statement suggesting that Wilson might take another shot at the NFL in the future.

"On behalf of C.J. Wilson, he has decided to step away from the NFL at this time to focus on his immediate needs in recovery which are the foundation of his long-term health. When C.J. is fully healed and able to return to the game, he will then continue his career at that time. We would like to send out our sincere appreciation to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization, especially the Glazer family, Coach Lovie Smith, GM Jason Licht and so many others who've provided support and encouragement these last few weeks along with their continued efforts to assist C.J. in his recovery. C.J. is in good spirits and is continuing to focus on his rehab and the healing of his hand. Thanks to so many people who have sent calls and messages of concern for him. He is a very strong willed young man with great work ethic and character. We look forward to seeing him play again in the future."

In addition to placing Wilson on the reserve/retired list, the Buccaneers waived linebacker Jared Koster. This gives them two open roster spots ahead of training camp, which starts next week.