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Watch the most excruciating loss in Buccaneers history

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated recounted the most excruciating losses for every NFL team. I'm betting you can guess the most excruciating loss in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history already: the first time they made it to the NFC championship game in literally 20 years, held one of the best offenses of all time to just nine points scored and somehow still lost. Yes, it's the 1999 NFC championship game.

Side note: 1999 season, game played in 2000. Do we call this the 1999 NFC championship game or the 2000 NFC championship game? I don't know. There appears to be no consistency or rule for this whatsoever. So confused.

That game was the worst, and the Buccaneers totally should've won, if only people had been sensible and changed the rule about a ball moving while in a receiver's control before it decided a crucial playoff game. That rule didn't suddenly turn stupid after the Bucs lost to it. It was always stupid.

If you want to re-live the glory of that defense and the incompetence of the Bucs' offense of the day, though, someone uploaded the entire game to YouTube. Have fun!