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Buccaneers want everyone to join the siege of...something

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have launched their new ad campaign for the 2016 season, and it's about sieges, apparently. Over at the aptly named, the Bucs are apparently asking us to come on and help...siege....something in about 52 days, when the season starts.

Here's the thing about sieges: they're prolonged blockades of a single, stationary target. They're not a large military campaign, which would be the usual metaphor for an NFL season given football culture's fondness for analogies of war and violence. As Wikipedia notes, sieges a "constant, low-intensity conflict" -- not exactly the message you want to be sending for the exciting and explosive game of football.

"Here, come sit around and wait around while those folks in there starve until they surrender."


Also amusing: as Ryan Nanni points out, the first game of the season is a home game. Does this mean the Bucs are now inviting us fans to come and lay siege to the stadium on opening day? How does this work? I have so many questions!

I guess this is the end of the uneven It's A Bucs Life campaign, though, so there's that.