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The Buccaneers really need an in-door practice field

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Raymond James Stadium is getting a new video board, but fans at Bucsnation who go to the games say they would much rather have shading structure. Read their comments here:  New Video Board.

So if fans are fighting off the heat in September and on, then the heat and humidity must be more intense during the summer for the players to practice within. With the limited amount of teams in the NFL, it seems as though they are slow to create indoor practice facilities as many collegiate teams are using them to draw in prospective players.  Tampa Bay is one of the few teams that do not have a practice facility, or have a domed stadium.

Does playing without an indoor practice facility help "man-up" to use the heat to the Bucs' advantage? Pewter Report answers that question with an astounding no. Read it here: Bucs Need an Indoor Facility.

A health benefit to an indoor practice facility in the humid summers in Florida should also be a ringing endorsement to bring an indoor practice facility sooner than later. Professor of Medicine E. Randy Eichner wrote the following on an article he wrote for Gatorade Sports Science Institute:

Most heat-stroke deaths in football occur on Day 1 or 2 of two-a-days.

The professor covered several ideas that show relationships of heat to football players.

So aside from the cost of an indoor practice facility, why not have a necessary luxury? Why not fight in the shade?