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Madden NFL Ratings: Jameis Winston highest-rated rookie quarterback

Jameis Winston is the highest-rated rookie quarterback in this year's edition of EA's Madden NFL. The quarterback was given a rating of 81 overall, the second-highest among rookies behind only wide receiver Amari Cooper. For comparison, Marcus Mariota was rated 78 overall.

Winston really impresses with 95 Throw Power and rookie-best 88 Throw Accuracy Short. He's a threat to run with 81 Agility, 75 Strength, and 73 Speed.

The throw power's interesting -- Winston definitely has a strong arm, but that's top-of-the-NFL strong -- and I haven't seen that out of him. The agility doesn't really match his combine testing, either. I'm much more interested in seeing how they scored him on accuracy and field vision -- that's where Winston really stands out.

EA will be revealing the rest of the player ratings gradually over the next few weeks, because everything has to be turned into a multi-day media tease nowadays.