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NFL Rumors: Should the Buccaneers go after Reggie Wayne and Ace Sanders?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In today's MMQB, Peter King floated the idea of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing Reggie Wayne -- and Ace Sanders, too. Sanders I could see: there's no downside to picking up a young, explosive athlete off waivers -- they can just cut him before the season if he doesn't work out.

I can't see the Buccaneers chasing Wayne, though. For one: he wouldn't be a starter. The Bucs already have Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, neither of whom is going anywhere. Wayne would have to come in and compete with Louis Murphy for a starting role -- something he's not guaranteed to win at 36 years old following the worst two years of his career. His experience could help Jameis Winston -- but is it really that much more valuable than that of Vincent Jackson and Louis Murphy?

More than that, the Bucs have a few young, talented receivers who they want to give some playing time, as well. They didn't draft Kenny Bell in the fifth round this year to have him laze around, and then there's rookie returner Kaelin Clay, last year's sixth-rounder Robert Herron, veteran journeyman Tavarres King and the slew of undrafted rookies who are getting a bit of positive press.

Unlike Sanders, signing Wayne does come with risk: he'll demand a decent contract. A six-time Pro Bowler is not going to sign for the veteran minimum salary with no guarantees. Not that the Bucs are in dire need of cap space, but it's a poor use of resources given the very limited role he's likely to play.

It's just hard to see Wayne getting a roster spot with the Buccaneers. If the Bucs are going to sign a veteran for any significant amount of money, it's going to be an offensive lineman.