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Who is the most under-appreciated member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a number of very well-appreciated players: Gerald McCoy, Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, Lavonte David -- every Bucs fan knows them, and every Bucs fan knows what they can do. But who are the most under-appreciated players on the team? Which Buccaneers have punched far above their weight, or at least above their popularity?

CB Johnthan Banks -- Yes, Banks was awful at the start of last season. I mean, he was just horrible. Absolutely terrifyingly bad. But Banks was very good as a rookie, and ended last year on a high note -- he actually had an outstanding final eight weeks, once he understood the system. We probably need to talk about him a little more.

DT Clinton McDonald -- We haven't mentioned him often in part because he's overshadowed by Gerald McCoy, but he had five sacks last year. As a nose tackle. That's really good. That's the kind of nose tackle who can help change the line of scrimmage.

LB Danny Lansanah -- Three interceptions, including two pick-sixes, and 1.5 sacks in 11 starts last year. That's really good. He may be losing a lot of his playing time this year, but he definitely deserves some recognition.

TE Luke Stocker -- Yes, Stocker is absolutely useless as a receiver. But he was outstanding as a blocker last year, to the extent that he was almost a sixth offensive tackle. Now, maybe you'd prefer an actual offensive tackle, but he does what he's asked to do and he does it very well.

WR Louis Murphy -- 31 catches for 380 yards in 11 starts is pretty good for a third receiver, especially one in this offense, with that quarterback and that offensive line, with two outstanding receivers taking away a lot of his targets. Murphy was a competent, useful receiver last year, but we rarely talk about him.