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Everyone hates the Buccaneers' uniforms

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone hates the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' uniforms, it seems. The latest uniform rankings have them once again way at the bottom of the list. Phil Hecken of the Sporting News really doesn't like the Bucs' shiny numbers.

Congratulations, Tampa Bay, you managed to dislodge not only the Arizona Cardinals from the worst spot in the NFC, you actually surpassed the Jacksonville Jaguars as the worst uniform in the NFL. And that takes some doing.

There is nothing good about these uniforms, but the worst thing of all is the horrible number fonts that can't even be favorably compared to an LED alarm clock. The good thing is this team only has to wear this uniform four more seasons before they can reboot -- the bad thing is also that the team has to wear these for at least four more years.

With every hateful screed against these uniforms I like them more and more. And yes, I know I'm in the minority here, but these uniforms aren't that bad. I think they're slowly growing on the Bucs' fan base, too. And everyone's going to warm up to them once the Bucs start winning, because that's what they'll be associated with.

So get to it, Bucs. Win some games and shut these critics up.