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Buccaneers are the worst in the NFL at recovering from blown leads

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven't been any good on offense since 2010, and it really shows in this one crazy stat that Jonathan Kinsley dug up: the Bucs haven't managed to win a game after blowing a fourth-quarter lead since at least 2011.

That is some really impressive incompetence right there, I'm not sure it's all that telling. While the Bucs never seem to recover from blowing a lead, they certainly won a few games in the fourth quarter -- they simply gained the lead and held on to it. After all, Mike Glennon has three fourth-quarter comebacks to his name, while Josh Freeman managed nine in his time as a Bucs quarterback.

Even so, not having managed a single win after blowing a fourth-quarter lead is pretty bad. And the fact that the only other team to have done that is Chicago doesn't exactly inspire thoughts that Lovie Smith is going to be able to fix that problem any time soon. As usual this offseason, the offensive solution will have to come from Dirk Koetter and Jameis Winston.

That's where we get to be a little hopeful, though. Because Dirk Koetter helped the Atlanta Falcons win nearly half of the games in which they blew a fourth-quarter lead, while Jameis Winston's college specialty was crazy fourth-quarter comebacks.