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Jameis Winston, the most important Buccaneer

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'd say it's been quite some time since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could say that their most important player was a quarterback, but that'd be a lie. THe most important player is a quarterback basically every year, and it's only been a few years since it seemed like the Bucs had a franchise quarterback in Josh Freeman.

Still, though, having someone who seems like he has a good shot at being a franchise quarterback is still pretty good. And Jason La Canfora agrees, calling him the most influential player on the team.

The first overall pick brings all that baggage, and all of that promise, from Florida State. No one will be under a bigger microscope on field and off, and we'll see what kind of infrastructure the Bucs can build around him. It takes a village. If Winston matures as expected, this could be a sign of much better times ahead. No reason to overthink this choice.

I might say that's a little early but honestly, everything we've seen this offseason points to Jameis Winston being the key to the franchise, both on and off the field. All the Bucs' marketing efforts revolve around their new quarterback and they've been pushing him relentlessly. Clearly the team views him as the key to their commercial success. And as anyone who's watched the Bucs play over the past decade, quarterback play will be key to their future on the field as well.

Which means Winston's presence is both gratifying, and scary. Gratifying, because having a number one pick at quarterback is new for most Bucs fans -- at least for anyone who wasn't a fan way back in 1987. But it's scary, because if this doesn't work, that's another four years or so of misery. At least so far, Winston still looks like the real deal.