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Lavonte David makes NFL Top 100 at 56

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lavonte David hasn't made a single Pro Bowl, but he's now been named to the NFL Top 100 for the second consecutive year, coming in at number 56 on yesterday's NFL Network show. This time, the show actually put up the actual clip of David online instead of some reaction, so you can watch that here.

You really should watch it, if only to see Major Wright, Dashon Goldson and Alterraun Verner rave about David's sideline-to-sideline speed and playmaking ability.

One interesting note from the show is that David had 145 total tackles (101 solo) in just 14 games. The number two player on the Bucs: Dashon Goldson, with just 81 total tackles (63 solo). That's an absurd gap, and an indicator of just how much better Lavonte David was than everyone else on the team's roster.

One thing the show didn't mention: despite a dip in splash plays, Lavonte David still put up more Defeats than any player in the NFL not named J.J. Watt. The splash plays seemed less frequent, and there were certainly fewer sacks and turnovers, but David's impact was still huge.