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Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David make CBS' Top 100

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco ranked the top 100 players in the NFL for CBS Sports, and he came to the conclusion that two Tampa Bay Buccaneers deserved to be on the list: Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David, the two players who have made every top 100 over the past three years because they're just. that. good.

Surprisingly, though, both players had down years, relatively speaking. They were actually more productive in 2013 than they were in 2014, especially Lavonte David who saw far fewer splash plays. A large part of that was simply how both players were used by Greg Schiano, who ran a defense that created a lot of opportunities for splash plays for David. Under Lovie Smith, he's arguably more important for the defense as a whole in the Derrick Brooks role, but there are fewer big plays because the Tampa 2 isn't set up to create a lot of big plays.

That, of course, leads to David being left off every Pro Bowl ballot for some reason. He hasn't been to a single Pro Bowl in his career, which is a complete travesty. At least NFL writers know his value -- except for Pro Football Focus, which left him off their top 100 list this year, too.

Later tonight we're getting another Bucs addition to the NFL Network Top 100, after Mike Evans made it at number 75 a few weeks ago.