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Buccaneers have fewest sacks in NFL since 2010

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven't been able to rush the passer in a very long time. Five years, to be semi-precise. Via Football Outsiders:

The Buccaneers have only 147 sacks in the past five seasons, tied with Atlanta for the fewest in the league.

Basically, the Buccaneers haven't been able to rush the passer ever since they said goodbye to Monte Kiffin. And that's not surprising, given the turmoil the team has experience ever since. Sure, they hung on to a 4-3 defense for the most part, but the personnel was in flux and the scheme wasn't as constant as it may have seemed. Both Raheem Morris and Greg Schiano liked to toy around with 3-4 alignments, to the point that Adrian Clayborn was almost consistently playing outside linebacker in 2013.

The one constant throughout that period was Gerald McCoy, and while he's been consistently good and productive, he hasn't had a lot of -- or really any-- consistent support. Michael Bennett never got a ton of playing time until 2012, after which the Bucs let him walk for some weird reason we still can't quite figure out.

And now that Lovie Smith is in charge, the personnel has been overhauled yet again. Of all the team's defensive ends, only William Gholston was on the roster when Greg Schiano was fired, although he did coach George Johnson for a while before cutting him.

That kind of personnel overhaul is always detrimental to any team, but the Bucs' problem is that their defense is built around the defensive line. In a Tampa 2 defense you can skimp on almost every position, except the defensive line -- and it's now the weakest position on the team, arguably. That needs to change, quickly.