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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Forever fixing the Buccaneers' offensive line

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's way too early for mock drafts, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about them. Charlie Campbell over at Walter Football came up with one, giving the Bucs the sixth overall pick (a little pessimistic) and going with Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Obviously, Tampa Bay's offensive line is a work in progress. The Bucs need to continue to bring in talent up front to make Jameis Winston's job a lot easier. I think Donovan Smith would be better off at right tackle or guard in the NFL.

I am not sure that the Bucs are willing to move on from Smith after one season if he struggles, and there's no real room for him at right tackle with Demar Dotson presumably still on the team next year. But the Bucs are likely to need to replace Logan Mankins at some point over the next two years, Evan Smith could certainly be upgraded, and Ali Marpet's development is no sure thing either. The offensive line is important,

In the second round, Campbell has the Bucs taking running back James Conner out of Pittsburgh. That would actually make a lot of sense, as loath as I am to draft running backs very high. Unless Doug Martin really has a return-to-form season, they do need to find a running back they can at least base their running game around.

Amusingly, though, that would mean that the Bucs' first two picks in 2016 will once again be on offense, just as every Lovie Smith pick except for one has been so far. At some point the team is going to add a defender -- either a safety or a defensive end would make a lot of sense next year, and more than an offensive tackle, really.