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Cian Fahey says Buccaneers have worst offensive supporting cast

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bleacher Report is busy ranking everything in sight, because that's what they do during the offseason. The latest: Cian Fahey ranking every offense's supporting cast -- that is everything about an offense that is not its quarterback, because quarterbacks can compensate for a lot. The Buccaneers get the very worst mark of any offense in the NFL.

Impressive depth at the running back position and two high-quality starting receivers will only do so much for a quarterback. Winston is going to be forced to buy time in the pocket and diagnose coverages instantly to be consistently effective in 2015.

Wait, the running back position is actually a strength now? That's....that's new. Fahey actually gave that position group a 7/10 which seems a little ridiculous, honestly. The Bucs have a bunch of players who can fill specialized roles, or be mediocre starters, but their depth chart is often seen as one of the worst in the NFL.

Even so, a decent evaluation of their running backs can't save them from the bottom spot in the NFL. Mostly because the offensive line got just 14 points out of a possible 30. The offensive line is bad. We know it's bad. Everyone knows it's bad. The Bucs have tried to fix it, and I think Donovan Smith will do reasonably well, but right guard is still a problem. And in the NFC South, which is dominated by defensive lines, that's going to be an issue.

Fahey gave the wide receivers a 15/20, which seems perfectly fair to me, and the tight ends a 6/10. All pretty reasonable. But the one grade which I think is really astounding is the 5/10 for Dirk Koetter. Fahey doesn't indicate why he chose that grade for a veteran offensive coordinator who has lifted offenses to new heights wherever he's gone, regardless of who was at quarterback -- be it Byron Leftwich, David Garrard or Matt Ryan. Only Blaine Gabbert could stop his success. I mean, Mike Shula got a 6/10 here while Kyle Shanahan got a 10/10. What's up with that?