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Jameis Winston continues to win over teammates, coaches

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are very happy with Jameis Winston's performance this offseason, which is pretty important when you draft a quarterback with the first overall pick. And according to Albert Breer's latest column, that happiness extends beyond the Bucs' brass -- the other players are pretty happy, too.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers officials are thrilled with how Winston has moved his pro career forward over the last six weeks, with the coaches focusing largely on the rookie's decision-making. The idea is to move him away from forcing throws, with the acknowledgement he'll always have some gunslinger in him. Worth noting, too: He's won over his teammates quickly. In fact, some of them have expressed to team shot-callers how impressive Winston's football intelligence has been (we all saw some of that during the draft process), and believe he's genuine.

Yet more confirmation that really, Winston is doing very well so far. Everything we've heard out of the offseason workouts has been positive -- it's all rainbows and sunshine so far, not a negative note anywhere. Obviously that's partly the result of a PR department doing its job, and everyone being very cognizant of the importance of selling a controversial quarterback to the fanbase and the world. But it all seems to be earnest and reflecting the reality that Winston is a hard worker.

None of that should be a surprise. He was a hard worker in college, and neither his coaches nor his teammates ever complained about his work when it came to football. Hopefully that carries over into the NFL -- so far that seems to be the case.