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All-NFC South Team highlights problem with Buccaneers' offensive line

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports's Dave Dameshek published All-Division teams this week, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers saw five players make the All-NFC South team: Mike Evans, Demar Dotson, Logan Mankins, Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David. I don't think we really have to talk about four of those players, but Mankins' presence is a bit of a surprise given his mediocre performance last year. There are some rumblings about a renewed work ethic, but I'll believe he's back to being a quality player when I see it.

The fact that Logan Mankins made the roster really says more about the competition in the division than Mankins himself, though. After all, the other guard to be named to this team was Jon Amoah. Actually, the entire NFC South offensive line is one massive disaster: Demar Dotson, Logan Mankins, Ryan Kalil, Jon Asamoah and Zach Strief. The best players on four teams. None of them worthy of making a Pro Bowl. None of them would even make an all-conference team.

How different things are on the defensive line. Cameron Jordan, Gerald McCoy, Star Lotulelei and Charles Johnson -- that's a real force to be reckoned with. I might argue for Clinton McDonald over Lotulelei, who has just five sacks in two years, but that's a potent group. And the contrast between the division's defensive and offensive lines highlight the problem with those lackluster offensive lines: they'll get eaten up in this division.

But while the Buccaneers are starting a rookie quarterback still adjusting to the NFL, the rest of the NFC South will be starting seasoned veterans on their second contracts. Players who know how to compensate for a porous offensive line -- and all players who have performed solidly when forced to deal with consistent pressure. Jameis Winston was able to do that admirably in college, but the NFL is a whole new game.