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Jameis Winston issues statement over Draya Michele paparazzi incident

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, TMZ posted a video of Jameis Winston opening a car door for Draya Michele, one of the Basketball Wives, while she protested him doing so. I'm...not entirely sure what's up with that, but whatever, I'm all out of the things people use to care about this stuff. Somehow, though, this turned into a thing, which prompted Jameis Winston to post a reaction on Instagram.

A photo posted by Jameis Winston (@jaboowins3) on

For those who can't read it:

A lot of people have made something out of nothing as always. I was only being the gentleman I was raised to be. The only thing that could have been better was for me to avoid the scene and leave. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I am not trying to find anyone and no one is trying to find me. This went way to [sic] far.

As much as I  hate this paparazzi stuff -- because it is meaningless fluff and can make mundane tasks impossible for those in the spotlight -- the reality of the situation is that this is what life is like for celebrities these days, and Jameis Winston is absolutely a celebrity. We're going to have to get used to weird episodes like this, because they certainly do seem to follow Winston everywhere he goes. As long as he plays well, I think we're good.