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Buccaneers looking for virtual reality technology to train Jameis Winston

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to give Jameis Winston every opportunity to succeed, but that can be difficult with the NFL's restrictions on coach-player contact during the offseason. There's only so much Winston is allowed to do at the team facility or with coaches present. One way to help mitigate those problems would be to give Winston ways to practice plays at home -- and virtual reality could be the answer.

According to Alex Marvez of Fox Sports, that's exactly what the Buccaneers want to get their hands on for Winston. But they can't seem to find the right technology, even though the Dallas Cowboys have been working with virtual reality this offseason.

"What I tell vendors that come in to show us stuff is that we need it today," Koetter said. "Some people tell us, 'This will be ready in three months. I say, 'No, Jameis needs this tomorrow.'"

Well, that's going to be tough. "Please give it to us now" is not generally how technology development works. That takes time. Now if the Bucs had started this process half a year ago, Winston might already be using it.

Of course, this technology would be useful for players other than just Jameis Winston. Anyone on the team could benefit from seeing the plays in virtual reality. So getting this done, and getting it done right, could prove to be a short-term competitive advantage -- right up until the point that everyone adopts it.