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Tim Wright is a Buccaneer again as Tampa Bay claims him off waivers

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have claimed tight end Tim Wright off waivers from the New England Patriots, who waived him yesterday.

Wright had initially joined the Bucs as an undrafted free agent under Greg Schiano in 2013, and had a surprise breakout season as a receiving/move tight end, putting up an impressive 571 yards and five touchdowns on 54 catches. The Bucs' new regime wasn't impressed last year, though, as they seemed to put an emphasis on blocking tight ends and traded him to the Patriots along with a 2015 fourth-round pick in exchange for an aging Logan Mankins.

The Patriots used Wright primarily as a redzone weapon last year, and he managed just 26 catches for 259 yards and six touchdowns, while seeing next to no playing time in the playoffs. Apparently the Patriots don't think they'll be able to use him in their fairly well-filled tight end group that includes Rob Gronkowski, Fred Davis and

Wright brings something new to the Bucs that they don't really have: a receiving tight end who can play anywhere and consistently beat safeties and linebackers down the field. The Bucs have Austin Seferian-Jenkins as a versatile tight end who can both block and be a receiving tight end, while Myers is more of an aging utility player who isn't particularly great at anything but can do everything. Luke Stocker is a blocker only, while Cameron Brate is an unknown who's unlikely to make the roster. If Wright can impress with his receiving skills, he could see significant playing time this year as a complement to Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans.

To make room for Wright, the Bucs waived tight end Taylor Sloat.