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Is Jameis Winston an elite quarterback?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Is Jameis Winston an elite quarterback? Well, no. He hasn't even taken a snap in the NFL. Calm down, y'all. I mean, probably calm down with "is x an elite quarterback" talk anyway because it's all a bunch of meaningless diddilydoo.

Of course, that won't stop people from discussing it. See, for instance, Redditor TurnTwo who decided to google every NFL starting quarterback to see how many people talked about their status as an elite player.

Because the search was executed without any quotes, this doesn't really mean all that much. Or anything, really. For instance, a lot of the results for Jameis Winston refer to his standing as an elite high school prospect, or an elite NFL draft prospect, or even his participation in the Elite 11 quarterback camp. Almost none of the results speak to whether or not he is an elite quarterback -- and rightly so, because it's much too early to talk about that.