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Peter King doesn't like what the Buccaneers did this offseason

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to address most of their needs this offseason, and there's finally some real hope in the area for this much-maligned NFL team. But Peter King of The MMQB doesn't see it that way -- he thinks the Bucs are going to stink, ranking them 29th in his power rankings.

Jameis Winston will get thrown to the wolves without a good offensive line, and the Bucs also lack a running back. It won't help having two studs at receiver if Winston doesn't have time to find them.

That seems fair, Peter King. I hope your prediction ends up looking foolish at the end of the year, but can we really argue with placing the Bucs at the bottom of the list? There's a chance many of these concerns are overblown -- the two rookies could acclimate quickly, and Doug Martin could regain his legs, or Bobby Rainey could continue to be productive. This is the NFL, after all: strange things happen every year.

But it would be disingenuous to pretend that the Buccaneers truly should be rated much higher. Perhaps higher than the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns, given their respective quarterback situations. Maybe ahead of the Chicago Bears, who are rebuilding a terrible team -- again. Maybe ahead of Washington, which can't ever seem to stop being terrible. Maybe ahead of St. Louis, who are getting ready to start Nick Foles. Maybe ahead of the Buffalo Bills and their plan of starting, what, Tyrod Taylor?

But each of those teams has either more talent on defense, or more proven talent on offense than the Buccaneers do. I'm optimistic about the upcoming season, but most independent analysts are not. And that's worth noting.