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Jameis Winston runs gassers with the offensive linemen

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Logan Mankins is being propped as the new leader of the team's offense, or at least their offensive line. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can't shut up about the way he's worked this offseason, supposedly resculpting his body and motivating the rest of the line to work harder and harder. Which is all well and good but, as noted before, won't matter one bit if Mankins can't actually play well on the field.

One thing Mankins has been doing is pushing the linemen to run gassers after practice, and whenever they make mental mistakes. But the linemen don't run alone: their new, young quarterback has started joining them. Yes, Jameis Winston now runs gassers with the offensive linemen when the line makes mistakes. All of that via JoeBucsFan:

Then suddenly, Mankins heard strange footsteps as he and the rest of the offensive linemen began stomping away.

And then Mankins heard a voice from the footsteps, "No, we're a team!" the voice said, as the non-offensive lineman began hoofing it with the linemen running the gassers.

Who was it? None other than "America's Quarterback," Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston. Since then, every time the offensive line ran gassers for mistakes, Jameis ran right alongside.

This is just more confirmation of something we've known for a long time: Jameis Winston's work ethic and approach to the game are impeccable. If that were the only thing that determined NFL success, the Bucs have nothing to worry about.