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Jameis Winston compared to Tom Brady, LeBron James

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Jameis Winston has been compared to Tom Brady quite a lot. Even general manager Jason Licht made that comparison to Pewter Report, last Friday. That comparison was mostly based on Winston's fiery demeanor, though I think Winston's actually a little more upbeat and positive than grumpy, old Brady tends to be.

But Licht isn't the only one making that comparison. This time, the quote's from cornerback Stephon Morris, a third-year undrafted free agent who is participating in the Bucs' minicamp this year. Morris was with the New England Patriots back in 2013 when he first entered the league, and Jameis Winston wanted to know all about Brady from Morris, or so the cornerback told JoeBucsFan.

"He was like, ‘How was Brady? He was a surgeon, huh?' I told him, man, Brady would throw into windows with this much space [Morris holding up his hands just inches apart]. And the other thing I told [Jameis] what I liked about Brady was that he competed every day. A lot of times you have guys in an NFL locker room that once they have arrived [they coast]. Brady, he worked his butt off. He is such a hard worker.

"Once I told Jameis that, he gave me that little smile and I thought, ‘Man, this kid has got it. It was a smile like, ‘OK, I know what I need to do.' As far as the work ethic and the things that you need — this was the first time I met him and when I saw his camradrie with the rest of the team, I can see why Florida State won a national championship. You can just tell."

Winston's work ethic at FSU was unquestioned, and that seems to have carried over to the NFL -- which is hardly surprising. The quarterback is all positivity and smiles in Tampa Bay and that attitude seems to be infecting the rest of the rookies as well, several of whom have talked about Winston's uplifting attitude.

"[Winston] makes light of every situation and makes you comfortable and everything," Donovan Smith told the media yesterday. "As a quarterback that is his job and he is doing a hell of a job already. To be able to build on that from right now on to however many years, it's a blessing. It's going to play in our favor in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization, definitely."

Even former Bucs quarterback Doug Williams concurs, telling USA Today that Winston has "charisma galore" and making another impressive comparison.

"There's only two guys I've seen at that young age impress like that -- Jameis and Lebron Jameis," Williams said. "Jameis is like a young LeBron James. His confidence level is so high he feels there's nothing he can't do."

All of that is great to hear, of course. Because if there's one thing that will reliably destroy a quarterback's NFL career, it's a lacking work ethic. Quarterbacks have to eat, breathe and sleep football. And Winston seems to be all about that.