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Buccaneers will emphasize no-huddle offense under Dirk Koetter

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are finally ready to move on from the plodding, low-tempo offenses they've fielded since...well, since forever. Right tackle Demar Dotson spoke to the media today, and when asked about Dirk Koetter, he talked mostly about his love for the no-huddle and up-tempo offense -- I'll get the exact quotes in a bit, but that certainly was the core of Dotson's remarks.

Koetter hasn't run the no-huddle as a dominant form of offense in the past, but he's certainly used it a lot -- and a lot more than the Bucs have. The no-huddle is not a magical fix for any offense, but it's a useful tool: it forces defenses to be more vanilla in their formations and reactions, preventing them from subbing out and creating easier reads for the offense -- especially an offense that is well-versed in sight adjustments and communication.

Last year we heard similar rhetoric about Jeff Tedford, or at least the promise that he'd use more tempo shifts than the Bucs did under Greg Schiano. But Tedford never coached the offense during the season, and as happened under Schiano and Raheem Morris, the up-tempo stuff was limited to mostly two-minute warning situations.

That's going to change this year, which may be a challenge with a rookie quarterback adjusting to the speed of the NFL. Asking him not only to understand the system, but to call his own place and adjustments at the line may be a bit much this early in his career. But given the reports on Winston's football intelligence, if any rookie quarterback can do it, he may be the guy to do so.

Regardless, we'll probably be done watching the same stale, boring offenses we've watched for years now. The ones where the Bucs rely on running the ball, and throwing it deep from static formations. Where wide receiver screens are an aberration, running back screens go nowhere and "variation" is when you put Vincent Jackson in the slot instead of on the outside.

So that should be fun.