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Buccaneers draft board had Marcus Mariota fourth, Todd Gurley fifth

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did something very curious: they told Peter King what their 2015 NFL draft board looked like.

1. Jameis Winston.
2. Leonard Williams.
3. Dante Flower.
4. Marcus Mariota.
5. Todd Gurley.

Marcus Mariota went second overall to the Tennessee Titans, while Dante Fowler was the third pick of the draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Leonard Williams slipped to the sixth pick with the New York Jets. But Todd Gurley is the most interesting player on that list: went tenth to the St. Louis Rams, which still seems awfully high for a running back in this day and age, especially one coming off a torn ACL.

Also interesting is the fact that the Bucs had poor scheme fit Leonard Williams over perfect scheme fit Dante Fowler. Williams is a terrific player, but he would likely have played three-technique in the Bucs' defense, or perhaps base defensive end, while his best position is 3-4 defensive end.

And curiously, this board suggests that had the Bucs determined that Winston was not going to be the pick, Mariota still wouldn't have been who they went with. Of course, this may be a talent-ranked board and not a draft-order-ranked-board -- needs always determine to some extent who a team drafts. It's why the first three picks the Bucs made lined up perfectly with their needs.

Still, it's interesting to see.