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Jameis Winston not allowed to play baseball per Buccaneers contract

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

One of the question marks surrounding Jameis Winston was whether he'd play baseball alongside being an NFL quarterback. Winston was a two-sport athlete throughout his career, and there were consistent rumblings that he wanted to try to be Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders -- a star in both sports. That's a concern, because it's one thing to do that as a running back or cornerback, and another entirely to do it as a quarterback.

We can now put that question to rest, though, as Peter King reports that his contract contains a clause prohibiting him from playing baseball while he's employed by the Buccaneers. That may be renegotiated in his next deal, but for now the Bucs have five years where they don't have to worry about that issue.

Which is good. You don't want your quarterback to hold the prospect of playing baseball over your head, the way Russell Wilson has been doing with the Seattle Seahawks. Your face of the franchise has to be a face of your franchise, after all. Not that of a baseball team.