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Someone thinks Jameis Winston won't be gifted the starting job

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted a quarterback number one overall. Usually, that means they have a new starter. And really, everything points to that being the case in Tampa, too. Everything, that is, except for Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, who told 620WDAE that Winston wasn't guaranteed a starting job -- JoeBucsFan has the full quote, and here's the key bit:

"I think he learned his lesson a little bit," Cummings said of Lovie. "Not that it was a lesson he had to learn, I think he had faith in those guys, but I think he's decided, along with Jason Licht and the coaching staff, ‘You know what, let's make guys earn things right now. Let's put somebody at the top of the depth chart, and instead of just saying he's our starting tackle, or he's our starting quarterback, or he's this or that, let's let him earn it.'

Apparently Roy Cummings doesn't think he'll be gifted the starting job. I have a lot of respect for Cummings, and he certainly talks to people in the building, but that's just not a very realistic stance. For one, he's actually been with the first team from the start. Moreover, as I noted after the draft, the Bucs' own rhetoric has been leaning towards him starting too, even before he'd taken a snap as a Buccaneer in practice.

And this past week, it's all been about how Winston's presence has been affecting the team. Lovie Smith noted that when he went to the NFLPA rookie premiere on Thursday, they actually missed his effect on the players and the atmosphere he created.

Yes, Lovie Smith always talks about competition at every position and people needing to earn their jobs every year. It's good rhetoric, but it just doesn't work that way. Otherwise, Anthony Collins and Michael Johnson would not have played as much as they did last year. And in reality, Mike Glennon has no shot of replacing Winston any time soon. Or ever, really.