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Who will be this year's breakout player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco compiled a list of likely breakout players, including players like Teiler Eifert, Blake Bortles, Chance Warmack and Tyrann Mathieu. Missing from the list: any and all Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Which is a little odd, given Prisco's definition: players who haven't been to a Pro Bowl, but could get there this year. Mike Evans qualifies for that list, a does Lavonte David -- though another successful year for either player would not really be a breakout, just a continuation of their performance.

One player who I'd qualify as a breakout candidate, and really the only one I'd qualify like that on the Bucs roster, is tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Seferian-Jenkins came into the league as a highly talented tight end who could do it all: he had the ability to be a quality blocker and an explosive pass-catcher, although there were some rumblings about his work ethic in college. His rookie season was largely a disappointment, hampered as it was by injuries and his being used primarily as a blocker -- although he was solid in that role.

Seferian-Jenkins still put up 221 yards on 21 catches, including two touchdowns. That doesn't sound like a lot, but given that it came in just nine games, in one of the worst offenses in the league, with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans getting targets on the outside it was actually pretty solid. Compare him to last year's first-round Eric Ebron, who put up just 248 yards and one touchdown on 25 catches for the Lions, despite playing four more games.

Meanwhile, Dirk Koetter has a history of putting tight ends in a position to succeed. Marcedes Lewis put up his most successful seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars under Koetter, including a year with ten touchdowns and 700 receiving yards, while Koetter helped Tony Gonzalez complete his career in style with two 850+-yard seasons.

Seferian-Jenkins has the talent to be a quality tight end, and he's now in a great offense for his skill-set. Hopefully, that leads to a breakout season -- otherwise, we may be looking at yet another wasted pick.