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Reminder: The Cleveland Browns are starting Josh McCown

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Josh McCown was going to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' savior? Or at least, you know, the guy who'd try to manage their offense while leaning on the running game and a quality defense?

Haha. Good joke that was. So good that the Browns thought they had to copy it for their fans. Behold: Josh McCown is now taking starting reps in OTAs, per Pro Football Talk. Not that he has any real competition: Johnny Manziel's a long way removed from the job, and they don't have anyone else who's remotely competent on the roster.

Here's another odd fact: McCown's actually being paid more than the Bucs paid him last year. After one of the worst performances any quarterback put up last year, the Browns gave him a raise. That's how desperate Cleveland, and several other NFL teams, were for quarterback help. Any kind of quarterback help whatsoever, in any form.

Enjoy, Browns. We've got a franchise quarterback. We hope.