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Tampa Bay is the graveyard of NFL head coaching careers

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good head coaches usually find new jobs fairly quickly once they're fired.

Which is a pretty good indicator that the Buccaneers haven't actually had good head coaches in the past, well, decade. Or ever, really. Because the only Bucs head coach to get a new head coaching job after being fired by Tampa Bay is Tony Dungy.


Let that sink in for a second. The Bucs have employed nine head coaches prior to Lovie Smith. Of those nine coaches, only one of them ever found work in the NFL as a head coach again. Granted, John McKay effectively retired and Jon Gruden has reportedly had job offers but likes his cushy ESPN job too much.

But what's the excuse for Ray Perkins, Sam Wyche, Leeman Bennett and Richard Williamson? Perkins career went took a massive dive: Bucs head coach to college head coach to NFL offensive coordinator to NFL tight ends coach to NFL running backs coach to nowhere for over a decade. He was most recently seen as a high school head coach. Sam Wyche simply left coaching, for seven years, went into high school position coaching before somehow finding a two-year job as the Bills' quarterbacks coach -- and then going back to high school, again. Meanwhile, Williamson managed to coach for nearly two full decades as a receivers coach with the Bengals and Panthers, never coming close to a head coaching position.

And what's with Raheem Morris, who was seen as a defensive prodigy before being promoted to head coach, but who instead ruled over one of the consistently worst secondaries on one of the consistently worst defenses in the NFL for four years, before the Falcons made him some kind of hybrid assistant head coach/defensive backs coach/defensive passing game coordinator. Oh, and Greg Schiano hasn't been seen at all after he was fired.

Apparently, the Bucs are the final stop for NFL head coaches. Except for Tony Dungy, who's immune to the curse. Instead, he won a Super Bowl.