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NFL Trade Rumors: Adrian Peterson wants out, but Bucs unlikely to trade for him

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson still wants to find a way out of Minnesota. The rumors around Peterson have been swirling ever since he was first deactivated at the start of last season, and now he's skipping the Vikings' OTA sessions, according to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. Which is a pretty good indicator that Peterson still doesn't want to be a Viking.

So with that out there, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are undoubtedly being connected to Peterson as we speak. Which means I once again get to repeat that the Bucs may like Adrian Peterson, but he's not going to be playing in Pewter and Red this season. Peterson's contract is far too expensive, and the reported first-round pick the Vikings would want in exchange for him is ludicrous -- and doesn't fit with the Bucs' stated plans of building through the draft, either.

And just because I like quoting myself, here's a one-paragraph summary for why Peterson won't be a Buccaneer.

Peterson is old, has been less productive in recent years, the Bucs have a pretty full stable of running backs anyway, they don't have a surplus of draft picks and Peterson's contract is ridiculously cumbersome -- that is going to have to be renegotiated regardless of who trades for him, if any team does. Oh, and there's the whole beating-his-child-bloody-with-a-switch thing.

Moreover, a post-draft trade like this is even less likely to occur, given the Vikings' predicament if Peterson were to leave and the far-fetched future in which any draft compensation would come (that is, next year).

So yes, Peterson wants out of Minnesota. But that won't make him a Buc, anymore than my desire to be a billionaire will make me one.