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Daily Bucs Links: More extra point notes

Here's your open thread for today.

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What if the NFL had a draft lottery? -
It may be a terrible idea, but things would be very different if picks were decided by ping pong balls.

6 NFL coaches on the hot seat in 2015 -
Seven teams have new head coaches going into the 2015-16 NFL season. Which teams could be looking for a new coach after the coming year?

The NFL made extra points more difficult, but not by much -
The NFL made extra points more difficult than they have been -- but NFL kickers are really, really good, so misses will still feel like flukes.

5 veteran players who could change the NFL landscape in 2015 -
If things go right for these five players, the NFL standings are going to look a lot different this year.


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Mike Evans Grabs Spot #75 in NFL Top 100
As NFL Network continues its gradual reveal of the Top 100 Players for 2015, the Buccaneers get their first entry, with Mike Evans quickly gaining the respect of his peers.

All Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookies have chance at instant impact
It's possible all seven of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' draft picks will be starters in 2015.

Tampa among cities bidding for Super Bowl in 2019, 2020 | and The Tampa Tribune
TAMPA — The NFL has invited Tampa Bay to compete against three other regions bidding for one of the next two available Super Bowls, but the scenario changes significantly if you do the new math.

Bucs rookies get crash course in etiquette | Tampa Bay Times
The incoming class of Bucs rookies haven't had three weeks on the job yet, but they're already getting a crash course on how to be a professional football player. And for three hours on Monday night, that was more Emily Post than post patterns.

Raymond James Stadium upgrade could boost Tampa Super Bowl bid | Tampa Bay Times
TAMPA — Raymond James Stadium is getting a face lift soon. The questions are how vast and who pays.

Mathematically, Should NFL Teams Go for Two Now That the Extra Point Is Moved Back?
Mathematically, Should NFL Teams Go for Two Now That the Extra Point Is Moved Back?: The NFL made a rule change yesterday that will place the extra point try on the 15-yard line. What does this mean from a decision-making standpoint? Read it now on numberFire!

Monday Morning MD: Instant Injury Analysis | National Football Post