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No, this Bucs fan probably didn't get facial tattoos of his favorite team

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

There's this photo of a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan that has been doing the rounds. Michael Jaycox of Cover 32 managed to dig up a photo of a Bucs fan with what look like face tattoos from one of those "haha look at all the dumb tattoos people get" slideshows. If you do a google image search for that tattoo, you'll find a whole lot of lists featuring that specific tattoo. And yeah, this is a pretty special tattoo.

Let's be real here, though: these are almost certainly fake, pressed-on tattoos. The kinds that wash off and people wear to the game to display their fandom. Which is probably why he's wearing a Bucs jersey in what sure looks like a mugshot.

So hey, carry on. Be crazy on game day. It's cool. Paint your face! Just don't do the kinds of things that get you arrested at stadiums, though. That ruins people's days, and is a lot worse than some fake facial tattoos.

h/t JoeBucsFan