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2015 NFL undrafted free agent tracker: Buccaneers edition

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rounding out their 2015 NFL draft class with a fullback, they'll be moving on to the undrafted free agents any second now. In fact, they've probably been calling agents with the message that they're interested in signing their players after the draft for about an hour or longer -- and those agents will all reply "If you want him, draft him!"

We'll be tracking all of the undrafted free agents here, but it's important to keep in mind that all of these signings are unconfirmed. Some of these reports will turn out to be false, for a variety of reasons. In some cases, players are receiving only minicamp invites and broadcasting them as signings. In other cases, either the team or the player changes their mind. And in yet other cases, it's just a bad report.

With that in mind, we'll be updating this tracker over the next hours as the reports on undrafted free agents come in.

Buccaneers undrafted free agents

DE Ryan Delaire, Towson (via Aaron Wilson)
LB Quinton Alston, Iowa (via his Twitter)
CB Deshazor Everett, Texas A&M (via Aaron Wilson)
LB Josh Keyes, Boston College (via Mark Singelais)
DE Michael Reynolds, Kansas (via Kansas University)
S Chris Hackett, TCU (via his Twitter)
DE Caushaud Lyons, Tusculum (via Bo Marchionte)
WR Rannell Hall, UCF (via James Pawelczyk -- confirmed by Auman)
WR Adam Humphries, Clemson (via his Twitter)
DT Quayshawne Buckley, Idaho (via his Twitter)
CB Domonique Johnson, Panhandle State (via Greg Auman -- tryout)
RB Domonique Brown, Louisville (via Greg Auman)
WR Donteea Dye, Heidelberg (via Heidelberg)
LB Cameron Ontko, Cal-Poly (via his agency, minicamp tryout)
CB Eric Patterson, Ball State (via Luke Easterling, minicamp tryout)
S Ashely Lowery, Kentucky (via Draft Diamonds -- minicamp tryout)
LS Courtland Clavette, Brown (via Greg Auman -- minicamp tryout)
LB Travis Taylor, Murray State (via Greg Auman -- minicamp tryout)
LS Casey Freeman, Alcorn State (via Greg Auman -- minicamp tryout)

Quick note: La'eL Collins isn't signing with anyone today.