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2015 NFL Draft Grades: grading the Joey Iosefa pick

The Buccaneers have closed out their 2015 draft class with yet another offensive pick in Hawaii running back Joey Iosefa

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Until now, the Buccaneers' draft class has been a pretty strong one, even though looking at the poll results and comments, it appears that Bucs fans disagree with me on the Kaelin Clay pick. However, the final Bucccaneer selection of the 2015 draft is definitely the least exciting pick of the weekend.

Iosefa is a BIG running back, weighing a hefty 247lbs. Now, the Bucs don't have any running backs who run with real power, so there might have been room for such a running back in a pretty crowded backfield - but wtih a 40 time that clocked in at 5.02, he's unlikely to be anything more than a lumbering short yardage guy.

So could Iosefa play fullback? It's certainly a possibility, but the fullback situation is already a crowded one, with two 'pure' fullbacks on the roster is Jorvorskie Lane and Emmanuel Ogbuehi, plus Evan Rodriguez who is listed by the team as a "FB/TE", a role which Luke Stocker also played last year. This makes me wonder where the team see Iosefa fitting in with their plans.

Of course, seventh rounders can often be players who teams merely want to see what they can do in camp, without necessarily picturing a longer-term future for them. To that extent, it may be pretty churlish to criticise the team for who they draft this late in the day; and with Lane having been suspended last season for two games for violating the NFL's PED policy, and ending the season on IR, the team may see Iosefa as insurance. Still, with that 5.02 40 speed, it's fair to question how much Iosefa can contribute to coverage units on special teams (the proving ground of all 7th round picks), so while seventh rounders can often be a spinning of the roulette wheel at the best of times, this pick just doesn't seem to make much sense at all.

Draft grade: D+