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2015 NFL Draft Grades: grading the Kaelin Clay pick

The Buccaneers follwed up their drafting of Kenny Bell by selecting another receiver in Kaelin Clay - one who specialises in being a returner

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

So, in my draft grade for Kenny Bell, I said that he could prove to be the answer to the Bucs' returning woes. Just a few picks later, I've been proven wrong already by the Buccaneers selecting Utah return specialist Kaelin Clay.

As a receiver, Clay is considered pretty limited, though as a track sprinter his speed may allow him to be used in certain packages; likewise, he has some potential as someone who can be lined up in the backfield as well as the slot, as he played running back in high school - perhaps how the Bucs once envisioned using another track star, Jeff Demps (though of course, Clay never reached the highs Demps did as a runner).

Clay's use on offense, however, isn't what the Bucs will have drafted him for; Clay is a return man, through and through. He scored four touchdowns on returns in 2014, three on punts and one on kickoffs. In his one year with the Utes, Clayaveraged 25 yards return on kickoffs, and 15 yards return on punts. If he can continue to have that level of success at the pros, Clay will have a role on this team for years, and anything he can contribute on offense is a bonus.

Draft grade: B