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2015 NFL Draft Grades: grading the Kenny Bell pick

The receiver who led the Nebraska Cornhuskers in receptions for four straight years is the newest Tampa Bay Buccaneer - but was it a good pick?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

While Jason Licht and Lovie Smith began the day with their first defensive pick since taking over the team last year, they went right back to offense in the tail-end of the second round with Nebraska receiver Kenny Bell.

Bell immediately jumps out to me as a potential steal in the draft, and without question, a great value pick at this stage in the draft. Bell's greatest trait as a receiver is his speed, routinely burning cornerbacks in college and always competing for every jump bowl thrown his way. He led the Cornhuskers in receptions, yards and touchdowns in 2014 - the first of which should be no surprise, as it was the fourth straight year that he led all Nebraska receivers in receptions.

More importantly for the Buccaneers, he was also a kick returner for Nebraska, averaging around 25 yards a carry in his college career. Returner has been an issue for the Bucs for a while, not having a consistent kick returner really since Michael Spurlock, so you can expect Bell to get the first shot at winning the returner gig in camp.

Bell isn't a perfect receiver - he's stiff in his route running, leading him to be slow in cuts; he had occasional drops and muffed punts; and he has struggled against strong-bodied corners in press coverage. However, his speed is tantalizing, and he could be a scary prospect in the slot between Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, where he would avoid being jammed off the line and would have the speed to really exploit open seams up the middle.

Depending how Bell develops, he has the potential to become a starter once Vincent Jackson hangs up the cleats; in the mean time, he will bring some 'burner' speed to the team's receiving corp and could prove the answer to the Bucs' returning woes. A great pick up for the back half of the fifth round, without question.

Draft grade: A