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Buccaneers haven't drafted a defensive player in two years under Lovie Smith

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith may be a defensive coach, but he hasn't been pushing that approach in the draft. Since becoming the Buccaneers' head coach, Smith hasn't drafted a single defensive player. That's likely to change later today, as the Bucs have five picks left and they surely can't use all of them on offense, but that's a pretty impressive track record: nine draft picks, only offensive players.

When the Bucs signed Smith as their head coach, the biggest worry fans had was whether or not he'd neglect the offense, the way the Chicago Bears had done so often under Smith. But nothing could be further from the truth. While the Bucs had an absolutely horrible offense last year, that wasn't for a lack of trying. In addition to the six draft picks they spent on offense in 2014, they signed free agents like Anthony Collins and Josh McCown to help bolster that side of the ball. None of that ultimately worked, but they certainly tried.

This year, they neglected the offense in free agency -- though they did show some interest in a few offensive linemen. But the draft has more than made up for that: a franchise quarterback in Jameis Winston, and two starting offensive linemen in Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet. We don't know whether those picks will actually work out, but we can't exactly fault the investment, here.

Of course, that may lead to problems on defense down the road, too. The Bucs have focused on adding veterans to their defense, which does make some sense: players always take some time to adjust to the Tampa 2 scheme, which is why rookies almost never played when Monte Kiffin was still in Tampa. But you do need a steady influx of young talent to supplement your defense, and the Bucs haven't seen much of that over the past two years -- the fact that they booted out a few younger players like Adrian Clayborn and Mark Barron doesn't help, either.

So I'd expect this third day to be fairly defense-focused. The Bucs could use a defensive end and a safety, and an extra developmental cornerback wouldn't look bad, either. And there are a few defensive tackles available who'd fit the Bucs' defense very well, even though it's not a need. The third day of the draft starts at noon ET.