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Man or zone blocking for the Buccaneers?

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Last season brought along hope and change to the offense of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jeff Tedford was going to install an up-tempo offense, and with him a zone blocking scheme. There were some personnel changes made to the offensive line to fit the scheme such as Anthony Collins replacing Donald Penn and Evan Smith displacing Jeremy Zuttah. Also, the organization bypassed the need for offensive line help in the third round of the 2014 NFL draft for a running back that best fits the scheme -- a one-cut back, as opposed to the three running backs on the roster that have run in a power scheme.

Tedford left before the season's end and we quickly gobbled up former Atlanta offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. Collins was released after one season, though he was benched before season's end as well. With the draft looming and two starting positions on the offensive line needing to be filled, the organization was hush-hush about what type of offense they were going to employ coming into this season.

The draft came and went. Early in the second round, the Bucs selected offensive tackle Donovan Smith. A surprising pick, but one where a zone blocking scheme would not be a great fit for Smith. Later in the second round, Tampa then traded up to draft D-III offensive lineman Ali Marpet.  Marpet has great movement to be in a zone blocking scheme. Still no idea about what type of offense the Bucs will run.

Granted, all offenses will mix plays that are man and zone. Yet we fans are not privy to know which one will be predominantly used. While reading Pewter Report's chat with Scott Reynolds on May 15th, 2015 edition, there is this nugget:

Comment From GrayBuc

Do you know if the Smith/Koetter running attack will be mostly zone blocking or mostly angle blocking? Thanks.

I think it's a mix of man and zone, but mostly man blocking from what I've heard. We'll see. Dirk Koetter does a good job of suiting his scheme to the personnel, so that may change.