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Daily Bucs Links: Doug Williams and Jameis Winston

Here's your open thread for today.

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5 bad teams that could make the NFL playoffs in 2015 -
Lousy teams don't have to stay lousy forever. These sub-.500 teams could be very good, starting this season.

The Onside Kick Family Hour: Which NFL teams are winning the offseason? -
Stephen White, Danny Kelly and Ryan Van Bibber go division by division and pick the NFL's most improved teams. There's also some DeflateGate talk, if that's your thing.

We fact-checked the Patriots' pee alibi with an actual urologist -
Let's get to the bottom of this with expert opinion AND some personal experimentation.

The Patriots created a DeflateGate truther blog -
The Patriots came back HARD against the Well Report on Thursday, revealing a blog that attempts to dismantle any argument that they absolutely deflated balls on purpose before the AFC Championship.

Bucs Celebrate 40 Seasons
From the team's conception to the 2015 NFL Draft, relive some of the best moments in Buccaneers history.

One Buc Mailbag: Talk of Legends
This week's mailbag takes a cue from Wednesday's Ring of Honor announcement and turns our attention to the great players from the Super Bowl era.

Lovie Smith fires back at Bowden - ESPN Video
Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden's comments that QB Jameis Winston was an embarrassment to FSU and Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith's rebuttal in defense of Winston.

NFC South roundtable: Which division team has improved the most? - Carolina Panthers Blog - ESPN
Which NFC South team has improved the most during the offseason? The division reporters debate this question, and they're almost unanimous.

Giles sees much of Doug Williams in Jameis Winston | Tampa Bay Times
On the day the Bucs announced Doug Williams and Mike Alstott would join the team's Ring of Honor this fall, another member of that distinguished fraternity, tight end Jimmie Giles, had praise for new Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston.

Michigan, Jim Harbaugh reveal monster 'A4' quarterback camp -
Jim Harbaugh once again causes a stir in the recruiting world by announcing the "Ann Arbor Aerial Assault", a star-studded quarterback camp. Instructors include Jamies Winston and Colin Kaepernick.