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Could the Buccaneers trade for Michael Bennett?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

George Johnson.

Jacquies Smith.

Do those names strike fear in opponents as pass rushers? Do those names drum up a feeling inside Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans of, "Here we go!"? Are the Bucs still on the hunt for more talent? Of course they are, since they will have the first choice of the waiver wire from now until at least week 3 of the regular season.

So whilst reading my favorite baseball blog, Halos Heaven, I see an article link that was titled "Michael Bennett Still Wants to be Traded", by Danny Kelly. I follow the link, believing it to be old news, but quickly discovered the date: May 6, 2015, 9:49 a[m]. The article destination was our sister site, Field Gulls, the Seattle Seahawks fans' forum. And if you read their comments section, you will be treated to many great descriptions of Bennett's play as well as importance to the defense. But the information that he wants to be traded... This knowledge brought upon a contemporary vernacular speech from my lips, "Cray, cray!"

Jason La Canfora, a CBS sports NFL Insider, reported the following (you have to scroll down to find the exact quote):

Michael Bennett: He's kinda sorta tried to say that he didn't really want to be dealt after all, but that's not flying anywhere. He and his agent have made it clear he'd rather not be back in Seattle and while the Seahawks aren't ones to back down, perhaps something emerges that makes sense for all parties prior to the start of the regular season. Kind of odd not to be so happy in a franchise that competes for a Lombardi Trophy, and until or unless the Seahawks put out explicit word that Bennett has permission to speak to other teams, I don't see any clubs nibbling in this era of hyper-sensitivity over tampering regulations. But there's a lot of time between now and September for something to perhaps change.

Michael signed a four year contract worth $28.5 million with the Seahawks in 2014. Coming into his second year of his contract, Bennett is set to make $8 million in 2015, $7 million in 2016, and $9.5 million in 2017, per sportrac.

Tampa has a lot of salary room left to play with should they choose to indulge with the fancy of acquiring, or rather re-acquiring, Bennett's services. There are several questions in this fanciful thought such as how much more does he want (is there a threshold the organization will not surpass), do the Bucs have assets to encourage such a trade fancy to transpire, and would Bennett ever decide to return to Tampa?

The Bucs are in dire need of pass rushing help. They were willing to grab the Kraken at whatever costs, until they realized the organization was being manipulated to raise the Kraken's salary with the Dallas Cowboys. After a miscue in trying to sign RFA George Johnson within the contract, the Lions traded Johnson to the Bucs in swapping of one of the Bucs' fifth round pick with their own 7th round pick. That is how desperate Tampa is in acquiring pass rushers.

Although there are reports that Bennett wants out of Seattle, I doubt Seahawks are willing to part with his great services. Yet with reports such as this one, it does make one contemplate the possibility of such a opportunity that would make one want to channel their inner infamous Lloyd Christmas deep within one's psyche to whisper....

Wait for it.