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Bobby Bowden calls Jameis Winston an embarrassment

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Most Florida State fans seem exceedingly proud of Jameis Winston, arguably the most successful quarterback in their history, now the franchise quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But FSU legend and former head coach Bobby Bowden was a lot less complimentary about Jameis Winston today.

Update: Tomahawk Nation has the full context of this quote.

Certainly Winston's time with Florida State wasn't spotless. A series of minor incidents were annoying, perhaps even a little embarrassing, but those were more than offset by the success he brought on the field. Because a 26-1 record and a national championship are anything but shameful, nor is producing the first overall pick in the draft characterized as an embarrassment. Winston brought FSU athletics more prominence than it has had in a decade.

The rape accusation, for which Winston was never criminally charged but which has led to a civil suit, is certainly a different matter -- but whatever you believe about that case, I don't think "embarrassment" would quite capture what that means, either.

We'll see more of these comments as Winston goes through his career as a Buccaneer, because people aren't about to forget about Winston's past. And while we may disagree with them, we are going to have to live with them.

Whatever questions you may have about Winston, though, it's pretty clear that he certainly hasn't been an embarrassment for the Bucs so far.